TU Dresden



Research topics
  • Simulation-based design of rail power systems
  • LCC of catenary and rail power systems
  • Use case scenarios and profitability of hybrid vehicles and alternative drives
  • Energy storage management in vehicles and systems
  • Charging infrastructure for battery electric rail vehicles
  • Accompanying research for field trials (e. g. eHighway Schleswig-Holstein, Trolley 2.0)


GUW+ competences

  • Research and teaching in the field of electric transportation systems
  • Electric vehicle propulsion systems and equipment
  • Railway energy supply systems and rail power systems
  • System design of electric transportation systems
  • Measurement concepts for electric vehicles and energy systems
  • Profitability and environmental assessments of electric transportation systems


Project focus

  • Scientific accompanying research
  • Definition of operation modes for GUW+
  • Measurement and assessment of load flows in real operation
  • Combined simulation of regular service and load flows
  • Development of blackout scenarios
  • Development of the relevant requirements for the certification of the network connection
  • Validation of the operation modes of GUW+ including the blackout scenarios



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Arnd Stephan

Technische Universität Dresden
“Friedrich List“ Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences
Institute of Railway Vehicles and Railway Technology
Chair of Electric Railways

Hettnerstrasse 1-3
D-01069 Dresden

Phone: +49 351 463-36730
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