Construction progress of the substation GUW+ in Hannover Döhren

July 28, 2021

Construction Progress July 2021© ÜSTRA/Lehninger

Construction Progress July 2021© ÜSTRA/Arp

Construction Progress July 2021


The company building is now almost finished, last remaining works are in progress. The empty pipe route is also almost completed in the relevant area, the handover of the pipe clearances is still pending. The paving work around the building is the last step that will be visible from the outside. A lot has also happened inside: The company Elpro Berlin has already placed the racks in the building, including the HESOP of the company Alstom and also the charging technology of the company M&P. Things will get exciting in mid-August: the first charging mast for this line endpoint will be erected at night (manufactured by the company Masche Metallbau).


May 20, 2021

Construction progress May 2021

© ÜSTRA/Lehninger

The remaining work on the GUW+ building will be completed in the next few days. Inside, the raised floor has already been installed, transformer rails have been mounted in the transformer chambers, and the vinyl has been laid on the reinforced concrete floor in the battery rooms. The equipment with the ventilation technology is also well advanced. As shown in the photo, civil engineering work is still outstanding in the area of the parking lot. Among other things, the last meters of the empty pipe route must be laid to the GUW+. The company Elpro is also already on the construction site and will place the two transformers in the building in week 23.

May 17, 2021

Construction progress May 2021

© Elpro/Bayer

On May 17 the factory acceptance of the GS plant by ÜSTRA took place successfully at Elpro. During the visual inspection, open points were discussed in a constructive atmosphere. The installation of the components in the new substation at the Döhren site will start at the end of May.

March 26, 2021
Construction progress 2021

On March 26th, 2021, the shell of the over 300 m² company building was completed. More than 30 trucks delivered the precast concrete elements over the course of five nights, which were set up during the day. What follows now is work on the interior of the building, the roof and the facade, which is expected to be completed on May 17, 2021.

By 2023, ÜSTRA aims to have 48 electric buses running completely on electric power on all inner-city lines within Hanover's environmental zone. An ambitious goal - CEO Dr. Volkhardt Klöppner, Denise Hain, Director of Operations and Human Resources, and Elke Maria van Zadel, Director of Technology, IT and Infrastructure, explain in the video how this can work. Part of this is our GUW+, which is presented from minute 04:39.

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February 19, 2021
Construction progress 2021

Die Bauarbeiten des ersten GUW+ haben auf dem Betriebshof Döhren in Hannover bei unserer Umsetzungspartnerin ÜSTRA begonnen. Mitte Mai soll der Hochbau fertiggestellt werden und anschließend wird die GUW+-Anlagentechnik installiert. Die Inbetriebnahme und der Start des Probebetriebs sind im Herbst 2021 geplant.


Consortium meeting in Dresden

December 3 - 4, 2019

In December 2019, the consortium members and associated partners of the project (ÜSTRA, VAG, SWM and avacon) met at the Fraunhofer IVI in Dresden to discuss the next steps in the project.


GUW+ at InnoTrans in Berlin

September 18 - 21, 2018

During the InnoTrans trade fair 2018, the partners took the opportunity to discuss with the funding agency the comsposition of the consortium and the integration of ÜSTRA as implementation partner. Subsequently, the full proposal was successfully submitted in September 2018.